Last days of Summer ….art camp 2019

Today August 28th we will be creating art with “Found Objects” during the morning and “Self Portraits” in the afternoon session Thursday August 29th we will be painting a scene of what we think Paris looks like and during the afternoon we will be painting to music, different moods, tempos and results. And, Friday AugustContinue reading “Last days of Summer ….art camp 2019”

What’s happening today at Geralyn’s Art Studio in Maplewood NJ

We have had a long weekend and we are now ready to get back to the fun activities at daily Art Camp. Monday 8th 10a.m. – 12:30p.m. We will be using paper, feathers and some glitter to create our own Parrot….lots of fun with this one Age 5 – 7 1:30p.m – 4p.m. Basic SketchingContinue reading “What’s happening today at Geralyn’s Art Studio in Maplewood NJ”

Geralyn’s Art Studio

Register Now for our Winter 2020 Classes Contact Geralyn to register – email: or call me at 862-205-9744 We have classes Monday – Friday for ages 4 and up,Adult classes Wed 7p.m and Friday 10a.m.Teenage Art Class Thursday 7p.m. – 8:30p.m. Age 5 – 7 Monday 4p.m. or Friday 3:45p.m.Age 8-11 Tuesday 3:45p.m., WednesdayContinue reading “Geralyn’s Art Studio”