Geralyn’s Art Studio is a fun, creative place which each student gets individual attention. While we like to let each student work on their own projects at their own pace we do ‘assist’ them – pointing them in the right direction and teaching art techniques that will live with them forever.

I have been teaching art for 20 years, it is one of the most rewarding careers I have had and I hope to continue creating while having a lot of fun with children and adults alike. It gives me much joy to see what happens during the creative process.

Each person is an individual, so when you come to an art class with me you will be working on your own piece – you choose and I guide. Why paint something you don’t like? I will guide you through the perspective, layout, colors and techniques. No judgement just a relaxing few hours and the beginning of a beautiful piece of art.

We will begin our Zoom class in September – September 14th Classes for age 5plus and Adult Classes. I will also offer in person and in studio classes for Children and Adults. Small classes up to 6 people per session.

Published by Geralyn's Art Studio

I have been creating art and teach for over 20 years. I enjoy teaching and seeing how people fall in love with art, painting and drawing. Just one brush stroke can lead you to one beautiful piece of art. I love to travel and art allows me to do just that - traveling and teaching and being taught is career that I am truly blessed to have.

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