16 1/2 Years ago I began my adventure with teaching art to young and old. I was naive enough to think I could get back to Ireland during the summer months to see family and also get away from the humidity and the heat here in NJ –OH yes I do love that “soft day” rain.
However, I had studio rent to pay and it just somehow completely slipped out of my mind for about 2 minutes. So began Geralyn’s Art Studio Daily Drop-in Summer art camp. Our camp runs for the months of June, July & August. None like it around…what an opportunity for parents; you don’t have to pay for a week or two weeks or three weeks and then have your child say “I don’t like it!!!!” Yes you have a all been in that situation.

So with my band of faithful teachers we began our Art Camp journey….what fun we have. Honestly people, children are very funny and if you just let them create and be in their own space the funnier they become. Ask any of the artists that teach at the studio…

We paint, we create we have even been known to “LIMBO” on occasion… its all about fun and creating – being ourselves and no mistakes imagine a world without being told it’s ‘wrong”.

As the young children that created art at the studio all through the years are growing up, some are married – YES married, some are teachers themselves, some are even working artists… and some are seniors in college or high school and I still think they are 6!

I get a lot of “Hi Miss Geralyn” as I walk around Maplewood Village or in the restaurants in our area, and I love it. I may not alway know the parents name but I never forget a student.

We do hope to be in business for years to come, times change and children’s activities change but the one thing that is constant is ART, Dance & Music. they all want to do it…. so let them. Let them be creative – and I promise no phone, iPads or electric devices – Well ok I do have an electric pencil sharpener…

Hmmm I started to write this to let people know what we have in store for art camp this week and here I am rambling on…..

Tomorrow 7/11 we will have fun heading to the Moon and Back 10a – 12:30pand painting live VanGeogh with Pastels from 1:30p-4p

Cost $35 per session cash or check

Oil Pastel & Watercolor – Student Age 10

Hope to see you soon

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