Cold Wax Workshop June 29th & 30th with artist Randall Graham

Cold Wax Painting is a style of oil painting in which the artist mixes a wax medium into the paint and uses the thickened body of paint to create a heavily textured surface. … Some artists like Nicki Heenan even go so far as to put the wax first, painting with mostly cold wax medium and very little paint or pigment.

Randall Graham will be teaching Cold Wax techniques in his two day workshop at Geralyn’s Art Studio 103 Baker Street Maplewood NJ on Saturday June 29th & Sunday June 30th.

Time: 10a.m. – 4p.m. (with an hour for lunch)

Cost: $130 (cold wax will be supplied by instructor)

Contact Geralyn Robinson to register for this wonderful 2 day event. Numbers are limited to 6

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